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December 11, 2012
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I promised my husband this would be my last DIY decor item this Christmas.

Poor guy – he can’t stand clutter, and having picture frames, candles, and everything else everywhere in our home has been a compromise for him over the years. If he had his way, we’d have nothing on our shelves. It’d be completely free of decor.

When Christmas comes, it’s his personal nightmare, with explosions of decorations in every corner of the house. And the color – oh my! It’s all too much for the poor fella.

But I digress.

Inspired by last week’s trees, I ripped apart my left over pinecones and turned them into lettering in the spirit of the season. Because why do one DIY project when you can do two?!

I cut my letters out of cardboard, then warmed up my handy dandy glue gun. Oh, how my trusty glue gun has been so good to me throughout the years of my projects.

Tearing each pinecone apart, I glued the individual pieces onto my letters. It seems putzy and time consuming… and it was a little. But not nearly as much as one would think.

After completing all my letters, I glued the word onto a frame with the glass taken out. Originally, I wanted to attach it to a rustic piece of wood – as there’s plenty to be found in my backyard. But then the snow fell. So frame it was!

Joy is the overriding theme in our holiday decor, so this was a perfect fit.



    1. Once I got going, the going got faster. It ended up taking about 45 minutes total. But I always do my projects sitting at the table with the kids while they work on their own crafts, so I don’t mind if it takes a bit longer sometimes.:)

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