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March 20, 2013

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March 25, 2013

DIY Clarifying Mask

March 21, 2013
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So excited that the fabulous Colleen is sharing her DIY beauty wisdom with us today! Not only did she do my recent blog redesign (isn’t it purty?), but she writes a super fun blog of her own. I’ll let her introduce herself, and then run – don’t walk – to visit her site!

I’m the worst at guest post intros, but here goes! Hi! I’m Colleen and I have a little blog called Paisley Boulevard. I blog mostly about my everyday life and pretty things that I like. I also design blogs, including this lovely one right here! (yay!) One of the things I love to do is create fun and effective DIY beauty treatments and I am so excited that the amazing Cate has invited me over to share one with you guys! 🙂

DIY clarifying mask - all natural ingredients (lemon, nutmeg, baking soda)

This mask is one of my favorite things ever, trust me you’ll love it too.

DIY clarifying mask (lemon, nutmeg, baking soda)diy clarifying mask

Just like baking soda brightens your clothes and your teeth, it will do the same for your skin! The baking soda and lemon make this perfect little storm of chemical reaction (the bowl becomes a lil jacuzzi I tell ya!) – you can actually feel the cool effect it has on your skin! I added nutmeg for its skin brightening and clarifying properties, along with citrus powder that I had made previously. (You could totally make this mask without it if you don’t have it)

Once applied (watch your eyes!) I let it pretty much dry for about 20 minutes. Then exfoliated with some warm water while rinsing and I was so happy with the results! LITERALLY, my pores were much clearer after I used this. I wish I had done a before and after. It’s not often I see such immediate and noticeable results, but this combination delivered. Better than a Biore pore strip if you ask me! (And, while I don’t really suffer from acne, I hear many of the ingredients can work wonders. 🙂

Let me know of you try this and love it or have any questions! (And obviously I am not your doctor, so if you have skin issues, that’s on you. Test it first.) 🙂

Thanks Cate, for letting me grace your pages! It’s a pleasure. 🙂


  1. I have the mask on right now! Feels really cooling and I can feel it working on my blemishes! Very cool, although the smell is very unpleasant but hey, if it works I don’t mind 😛

    After 20 minutes:
    I just rinsed off the mask but used an exfoliated sponge. I then rinsed off the excess mask with warm water and splashed a bit of cold water on my face after to close up my pores. (Cold shrinks pores.) There is a visible difference from before and after! My skin seems to be less red and my blemishes less red as well. My face is so smooth and my pores are so much smaller! I will definitely be using this in the future! Thank you <3

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