It Works

it works

When I received an application from Carrie Webb for our upcoming Pop Up Shop (coming Thursday, May 8th from 5:30-9pm at City Hall in Prior Lake), I was intrigued. I’d heard of It Works before, but I just knew they had that crazy wrap thing. Who knew they carried so much more? There are beauty […]

Hannah & Hobbes

Hannah & Hobbes handmade soaps

If you are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, year end teacher’s gift, or just a treat for yourself, then Hannah & Hobbes has got you covered. Their salt soaps, bath salts, bar lotions, and other products will have you stocking up at our Wild Ruffle Pop Up Shop, coming up on Thursday, May 8th […]

You Are So Younique!


I have to admit, I am super curious to see this next vendor in person. After all, I’ve been hearing about these amazing fiber 3D eyelashes for what seems like forever, and haven’t had a chance to see them in action. Well, I’m going to get that chance on Thursday, May 8th from 5:30-9pm at […]

Wild About A Beauty Roundup

beauty products

Tammy and I are always wild about trying new beauty products. When we come across something good, we just can’t keep it to ourselves – we just have the share the goods with you. Here’s what we’ve been trying lately: Paired together, Beauty Elixir No. 602 and Eye Serum No. 603 are designed to prevent […]

Makeover Your Skin – With a Giveaway!

College friends

I’m so excited to bring you this giveaway today, because I’ve known Lindsey for a long time. We go back to our college days, when we both pledged Alpha Delta Pi. (here we are, heading out to celebrate Lindsey’s upcoming wedding with some of our sorority sisters) Lindsey was pretty much the most beautiful woman […]

Wild About You

skin products to get party ready

Now that Thanksgiving has passed us, I’m wild about all the holiday parties on our calendar this December. Want to know how I get my skin party ready? Well, I’m definitely going to fake a tan (learn how here). But before I get do that, I start with what’s underneath. Here are just a couple […]

Wild About You

Sin Care products

It’s probably not hard to figure out what I’m wild about this week. I’m crazy excited for tomorrow’s big, huge event! Before you head over to get your shop on, I wanted to be sure to share some of the prizes we’ll be giving away (in addition to the ones in the $1,000 giveaway). It’s […]

It’s Ginormous. The $1,000 Pop Up Shop Giveaway!

$1,000 holiday giveaway

I have been giddy with excitement for the last couple of weeks, knowing that this giveaway was coming. I’m sure you can see why – I mean, how fun is it to be able to give away over $1,000 in prizes?! Yeah, I said OVER $1,000! Many of the very generous Wild Ruffle Pop Up […]

Serenade Me

Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream $5

After spotting Colette and her fabulous products at a holiday event last fall, I knew she would be a perfect fit for Wild Ruffle shoppers. I wrote her a note asking if she’d join us for our spring boutique – and happily, she said yes! Gladly, she’s joining us once again for our fall Pop […]

Rewind Time


You guys probably know by now that I’ve struggled with brown spots on my face from my melasma (mostly cuz I whined about it here and here). My spots are still a work in progress, and when Sally Bowman of Nerium applied for a spot at the upcoming Pop Up Shop (scheduled for Saturday, Nov […]