I'm sitting at my computer, hands hovering over the keyboard, struggling with how to begin this post.

And that's simply because there aren't adequate words to tell you all how thankful we are for your support during this time. We are feeling the love!

I realize how tenuous life feels for so many right now. And I know that our products aren't for every taste. If you can't spend your money with us, we totally understand. That's why your likes, shares, comments and shout outs mean just as much as those sales - they help to reach those that may discover us for the first time, and they're keeping our lights on every bit as much as the dollars spent. (If you do decide you are able to shop with us, don't forget to get 30% off your entire order using code STAYHOME at checkout!)

So thank you. Merci. Gracias. Spasibo. Grazie. However you say it, know that I'm truly grateful. 

I'm finding that there is much to be thankful for, even when I'm trapped at home. I love the extra time with my kids (even when I find myself working on things like Shakespeare and Latin while the kids do school at home). This mild spring weather ranks high on my list of things to appreciate... it's so great to be able to get outside when the walls feel like they're closing in! Family walks, Zoom calls, technology that allows my girls to continue dancing, and most of all prayer time and my belief that God will see us through this. The list goes on and on.

I started a thankfulness journal at the beginning of March (I was inspired to do so after reading Double Blessing by Mark Batterson) and the timing couldn't have been better. It's been great to keep up with it, as some days are harder to see the good, but the good is always there when you're looking for it.

What have you been thankful for during this time?

Someday we'll be able to gather together again, and I'm looking forward to doing FB lives and more in person with Tammy. Be sure to follow along on Instagram, Facebook, etc to see what we're up to! We're @wildruffle on anything social.

All our thanks.