We know you have a lot of options when it comes to online shopping, and because of that, we wanted to take another moment to remind you what makes us different (and no, it's not just our amazing 60 day return policy!), as well as say thank you once again for your support of what we're doing here at Wild Ruffle.

You see, though Wild Ruffle is technically a for-profit company, we run it without profits in mind. 

That's because making money isn't our number one goal. I know, it sounds weird.

First and foremost, we care about helping others. Our dream is to see women who have experienced trauma in their lives that may be preventing them from finding employment discover a fresh start with us.

And beyond that, our utmost desire is to come around these ladies and provide support, love, prayer, and community. 

All the extra funds we have here? They're going toward our efforts. And you are the reason we are able to do it.

So when you're choosing where you spend your money, whether it's during the holiday season or beyond, consider spending it where your dollars make a difference in the lives of others.

Not a shopper? We'd love to have you take a look at our non-profit partners at The Well and think about coming alongside what they're doing over there.

We hope that you'll feel as excited as we do about the possibilities for the future of WR. Together, and only because we work in partnership with our incredible customers, we can build something really special, and change some lives for the better along the way.