DIY Clarifying Mask

Just like baking soda brightens your clothes and your teeth, it will do the same for your skin! The baking soda and lemon make this perfect little storm of chemical reaction (the bowl becomes a lil jacuzzi I tell ya!) - you can actually feel the cool effect it has on your skin! I added nutmeg for its skin brightening and clarifying properties, along with citrus powder. (You could totally make this mask without it if you don't have it)

Once applied (watch your eyes!) I let it pretty much dry for about 20 minutes. Then exfoliated with some warm water while rinsing and I was so happy with the results! LITERALLY, my pores were much clearer after I used this. I wish I had done a before and after. It's not often I see such immediate and noticeable results, but this combination delivered. Better than a Biore pore strip if you ask me! (And, while I don't really suffer from acne, I hear many of the ingredients can work wonders. :)

Let me know of you try this and love it or have any questions! (And obviously I am not your doctor, so if you have skin issues, that's on you. Test it first.) :)