Unless you are living under a rock, you are aware that Mother’s Day is coming this Sunday, May 12th.

As I tend to do with every holiday that rolls around, I’ve gotten a little nostalgic and sappy thinking about this year’s celebration. Part of the reason I think this one is hitting me particularly hard is that I have been at so many stages in life when it comes to motherhood.

I was once the woman who experienced loss. Two times, I learned I was pregnant, only to discover that I will only meet those babies in heaven. To the women out there, struggling with their own losses, know that you are a mother, regardless of whether you have met your baby while here on earth. I’m praying that you are able to see light, and laughter, and find joy once again, even as you feel the burden of your pain.

I was once the woman who experienced infertility. After my losses, and then a successful pregnancy with my eldest, Avery, I had unexplained secondary infertility. It was a very dark season of life, and it was hard to hang on to hope while the years went by. To the many of you out there, praying for a child of your own, and wondering if you’ll ever become a mother… I feel your pain, and I know this holiday can be so hard on you. I’m praying you have the desires of your heart answered, and that you’ll be holding a baby in your arms before long.

I was once the mother of 3 kids four and under, going through the motions of life in a haze of sleepless nights (whilst dragging around a giant set of breastfeeding boobs). With two babies at once, I wondered what I had gotten myself into, and if anyone would ever appreciate my efforts at mothering these littles… since it seemed that the littles sure weren’t going to! To the mothers with a gaggle of tiny people living under your roof – you will get through this time, and you will sleep again. I’m praying you find joy in your everyday moments, even when your days seem oh so long.

I was once the mother of toddlers, when motherhood feels like you’re simply repeating yourself, and nothing ever seems to get done. My pretty home decor items got packed up and put away until the day came when small people weren’t out to destroy them all. To those of you in this stage, don’t fret – someday they won’t be out to break every precious item you own. I pray you’ll be able to enjoy this somewhat crazy time in life, and not count down the days until they’re past it.

I was once the mother of elementary school students (and still am to two of them). Life becomes all about school projects (why are there so many projects at the end of the school year?!) and driving to the many activities that begin at this age. You’re so busy that it’s hard to find time to breathe, much less relax. To the mother who feels more like a taxi driver than anything else, I feel you. I’ll give you a wave out on the road in your minivan - I drove one myself for years! I’m praying you find quiet time in each of your days to find a way to breathe.

I am currently the mother of a middle schooler, and oh boy, is it ever a tricky age. They’re babies, and yet big kids, and the caught in the middle feeling is hard for both parent and child. There are hormones, and changes going on… and life is emotional. I’m praying that we all get through it in one piece, and with our mother/child relationship intact (we’ll get through it, right?!).

I am currently a daughter, and I love my mother so. I’ve been blessed with a mother who is active in my life, and in the lives of my children. She taught me so much about what I wanted to be as a mother myself, and I’m thankful for her. I’m praying for those that have lost their mother, because I cannot imagine your pain. I pray for comfort and peace as you celebrate this Sunday; that you’ll remember your good times with gladness.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you… no matter what stage you are in right now! I’m praying it’s a fun day filled with joy for each and every one of you.