I just got back from a fantastic vacation to Utah (seriously, southern Utah was the best family vacay spot - so warm, tons to do between hiking and pool time, and a great family atmosphere).

One of the things I've become known for is my ability to pack for trips. This is all thanks to my husband, who is vehemently opposed to checking bags, even when they're included in the price of the ticket - because who wants to waste time at baggage claim when you could be zipping along to your destination?

But the prospect of our Utah trip was a bit overwhelming when it came to bringing the right things. Temperatures changed from mid 90s during our time on the front and back end in Las Vegas, to upper 30s at the start of our hikes. How do you fit all that in a carry on?

That's where my Calling The Shots Backpack came in to rescue me. It's not all that big, but boy does it fit a boatload of stuff in? With about a million pockets on the sides, the inside, the front AND the back, you can smoosh it all in and then some. I carried this bad boy through the airports, on each of our hikes, and to the pool every day. For the airport, it had three books, my prayer journal/pen, phone, chapstick, charger cord, 20 protein bars, lotion, my (empty) water bottle and a vest, in addition to my wallet and extra masks. It was as close to miraculous as a bag can get.

calling the shots backpack

One of the things I love about this bag is the versatility - it comes with a shoulder strap to wear over one shoulder, but its original intention is to be worn as a backpack. You can also add one of our bag straps and wear it as a crossbody!

calling the shots back pack

The nylon fabric is easily cleaned and I got that red Utah dust right off at the end of each hike. Suntan lotion spill? No problem for this thing. Tammy stores her lap top inside - so it has far more function than just for the active lifestyle.

Check it out here - it really is a magical bag!