There’s one thing I’ve always loved to do.


I grew up with a classic tree swing on our little Iowa farm. I remember spending hours flying through the air desperately trying to reach the leaves high above my feet. I could swing and swing all. day. long.

Then in Jr. High a few friends and I were swinging so wildly, we accidentally broke a window with our porch swing. Whoopsie. Darn troublemakers.

But the memories of those two swings… priceless.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned this little project my husband was working on for our anniversary. Well, here it is… a front porch swing! I absolutely love it and am excited to share it with you!

Swing Bed DIY

My husband, Jason, looked up swing construction plans but ultimately built it around the mattress itself.

A pathetic list of Materials (sorry I didn’t keep better record of what he used…but you get the idea):

4×4 posts

Pine 1×2’s, 1×4’s, 1×8’s, 2×4’s and whatever other size you like the looks of.

Wood glue


4 Eye bolts

50 feet of rope ~ 1 1/2 in. Poly-Manila from a Nautical online shop.

Swing Bed DIYSwing Bed DIYSwing Bed DIYSwing Bed DIYSwing Bed DIYSwing Bed DIY