I'm not crying. You're crying. Well, ok so I might be crying a little.

Let me explain.

You see, Tammy and I released our latest product the other day. And boy, did people get excited about it!

The WR Mystery Boxes are so fun... you choose the style you want (within the clothing category you can select casual, loungewear, or dressy PLUS we have baby and accessory options as well) and your size. Then WE do the shopping for you! It's a mystery what you'll receive, but you can guarantee you'll get AT LEAST TWICE the value of what you pay.

It's a crazy great price (we have never before sold our items at prices this low - and we don't expect to again any time soon), and people began to take advantage of it left and right. That alone, after a tough month of having our brick and mortar location shut down due to Covid-19, might have been enough to make us cry tears of joy. It felt so good to be putting together outfits and helping people out again! It was so wonderful to see those sales coming through!

But then the real fun began. 

Because we started to see people buying gifts for their friends. And then they were paying it forward, Venmoing each other cash to go in on an additional gift for more friends. We even saw people purchase gifts for others, not even realizing that THEY themselves were about to become a recipient of their own pay it forward gift!

It was a thing of beauty.

We were honestly blessed to be a part of it. Thank you so much. From the bottom of our hearts. We know you have choices about where to spend your money, and we know times are weird right now. Every time we see a sale come through, we are grateful for it.

And you should know - every WR purchase is prayed over before it gets shipped off. It's so fun to imagine people unwrapping their new items when they arrive!

If you want to purchase a box of your own (or for a friend), click here to get started!