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Pull the best practical joke of all time with the grow a poo! Make your family squirm and cringe without the embarrassment of the stench. This poop can grow up to six times its original size. Simply splash it into the water and watch how it grows, then take it out of the water and watch it shrink, ready to grow again and again. Complete with funny card packaging, this novelty toy is perfect as a gross gift for somebody who needs a good laugh, or plops it onto your shopping list for yourself.

Made in China

Sharks have been around for 400 million years, they are the perfect sea predator and they haven't stopped biting since their existence began. Luckily for you Grow A Shark is a Shark that won't bite, but once it's finished growing you may need a bigger boat. Simply pop this shark into water and watch him magically grow from a Reef shark into a Great White! A perfect gift, stocking filler or secret Santa presents for shark lovers or for anyone who loves being amazed.
Made in United Kingdom


Sloths are cute mammals noted for slowness of movement and for spending most of their lives hanging upside down in the trees. Grow A Sloth gives you the opportunity to own your very own Sloth. Simply place it in water and watch it grow up to 6x its original size. Don't rush it though, it's a sloth after all. The Grow A Sloth is a perfect novelty gift, stocking filler or secret Santa present for all sloth lovers.
Made in China

Have you ever dreamed of owning your very own mystical pet unicorn? Look no further! Grow a unicorn up to six times its original size by simply popping it into the water, Just like magic! Once the unicorn is taken out of the water it will shrink.


Love Frenchies? Want to grow your own? With this grow a French bulldog, you can! Simply pop this little puppy into the water and see how he magically grows up to six times bigger. Once fully grown and out of the water, this little pup will shrink back to his original size, ready to be grown again and again! This little companion will make a French bulldog lover’s day. Perfect pocket money spends and a brilliantly cute novelty gift. (No need for WALKIES!).
Made in China